A photo by artist Truong Vung, from central Hue City, recently won a special prize at the 72nd Japan International Photography Contest.

Entitled Vuot Song (Riding over Waves), the black-and-white photo features a boat, oared by three fishermen, crossing gigantic waves. It was among six works entered by the photographer himself, an Indian, an Iranian and three Japanese artists to compete in the same category.

Contest results will be announced via the Asahi Shimbun newspaper later this month, Vung said.

Organised by Japan Photographers' Federation, the event received more than 13,000 entries from 41 countries all over the world.

The organisers will choose 130 works for exhibition during the next few months in various cities in the country, 12 of which by Vietnamese artists.

Vuot Song also won a silver prize at the 6th International Artistic Photograph Contest in Vietnam, held earlier this year./.