Hue opens two exhibitions that offer free entrance to visitors, showing photos of German artist Astrid Schulz and memorials from friends of a Vietnamese well-known late song composer Trinh Cong Son.

The New Space Arts Foundation is showing until the end of this month photos taken around Hue by the German artist, featuring "Made in Vietnam".

The exhibition shows collection of Vietnamese foods that Schulz captured in her photos. It also features portraits of people who produce the foods, including fishermen, livestock keepers or farmers cultivating fruits or vegetable.

"We often forget how labour intensive it is to produce what we eat. Especially in the Western world the connection between food and nature seems to get lost," said Schulz, aiming at reminding the origin of food provisions and people who are working in food production such as small scale farming, fishing and producing of local delicacies.

At another place, friends and fans of late song composer Trinh Cong Son, who was originally a native of Hue, gather at the Gac Trinh, which is an apartment the composer used to live in 1960s.

At the exhibition, artist Dinh Cuong shows his oil paintings that features moments with the late composer for memories of fans. The late composer has millions of fans around the country.

The exhibition has 18 paintings by Dinh Cuong and eight others by artist Phan Ngoc Minh from Da Nang, featuring topics on Son and memories of Hue. Some Son's friends brought things including letters, photos and a jacket.-VNA