A rural road in Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province (Source: http://www.baogiaothong.vn)
Hung Yen (VNA) – About 70 percent of 28 trillion VND (1.26 billion USD) in investment for the new-style rural area programme in the northern province of Hung Yen over the past five years has been contributed by local residents.

The locals have volunteered to donate 320 billion VND in cash and more than 3.3 trillion VND in land and work hours to construct roads and upgrade public spaces.

Communes with the most land donations included Bao Khe and Hong Nam of Hung Yen city, Phu Ung of An Thi district, Dinh Cao of Phu Cu district, Nhan Hoa of My Hao district and Yen Phu of Yen My district.

People in Bao Khe commune have donated more than 25,000 sq. m of land, worth nearly 20 billion VND, to expand its roads while residents of Lo Xa hamlet in Nhan Hoa commune have contributed about 2 billion VND in cash to concrete inter-hamlet roads and upgrade its electricity networks.

The province has mobilised approximately 1.4 trillion VND from different sources to build and renovate over 860 kilometres of local rural roads.

It has also scaled up the “residential quarters with three Nos” model that promotes no social evils, no pollution, and no wasteful and superstitious practices of weddings and funerals.

In addition, farmers have been encouraged to shift to more effective production models, for example, farm and commercial farming models.

The locality is now home to more than 700 farms and many areas specialising in a certain agricultural product, such as ornamental plant-growing areas in Van Giang, Khoai Chau and Van Lam districts and fruit-farming areas in Hung Yen city, Phu Cu, Khoai Chau, Van Giang, Yen My, Kim Dong and Tien Lu districts.

Thanks to the efforts of both public and private sectors, 35 of its communes have been recognised as new-style rural areas. On average, each commune has fulfilled about 15 out of 19 new-style rural area criteria.-VNA