The northern province of Hung Yen plans to expand the development of agricultural farms in a bid to restructure the local agricultural economy.

According to the provincial Department of Agricultural Development, the locality has dedicated around 537 hectares of land for 650 of these economic models, which together brought in an annual turnover of over 1.6 trillion VND (73.6 million USD).

Employing the model helps increase farm product output and create high-quality and competitive products, thus increasing their economic value.

It also promotes the formation of concentrated specialty areas in fruit, ornamental trees and vegetable cultivation as well as livestock and poultry raising, contributing to fully tapping the locality’s advantages in land and human resources.

At present, each farmhouse in Hung Yen has an average profit of between 100-200 million VND (4,630-9,260 USD) per year.

In order to retain the sustainability of the model, local authorities will continue creating favourable conditions for local households to access preferential capital sources while supporting them in building trademarks and promoting and selling their products.-VNA