Hung Yen focuses on climate change adaptation, mitigation hinh anh 1A house is inundated. (Source:

Hung Yen (VNA) – The measures and solutions for adapting to climate change and mitigating the weather’s impacts in northern Hung Yen province were brought up for discussion in a workshop held in the province on December 3.

The workshop also popularised information and knowledge of basic aspects of climate change and its impact on various sectors and strategies responding to climate change and preventing flood and storm disasters.

Participants agreed that climate change has been altering traditional agriculture in Hung Yen and the Red River Delta at large, gradually reducing the output of subtropical products in the winter crop as short-day plants often suffer from storms and floods.

Experts put forwards many solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation in industry, energy, agricultural production such as energy conservation in office and administrative buildings, and households, the use of energy-saving materials and the supervision of solid waste dumps and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

They also introduced solutions for agriculture, including the creation of specialised large-scale fields, modern agricultural ecological models, GAP-standard production models, integrated pest management and the use of bio-pesticide.

Hung Yen is one of the provinces in the delta suffering most from extreme climate change, experiencing four storms and two bitter cold spells in 2014, causing severe damages to local agriculture.-VNA