Hung Yen should make full use of its ideal position in the northern key economic region as well as its good transport infrastructure and skillful human resources to develop its economy.

State President Nguyen Minh Triet made the remark during his visit to the northern province on July 23.

At a meeting with the northern province ’s leaders, the State leader lauded socio-economic achievements Hung Yen has made over the past five years and reckoned the province is on the right track of industrialisation and modernisation.

Despite praising the provincial annual economic growth of 11.2 percent over the past five years, Triet urged the province to develop hi-tech industries, financial, banking and telecom services and highly lucrative agricultural production.

Regarding judiciary and administrative reforms in the province, Triet said the province has made clear progress in reducing its administrative procedures by as much as 58 percent./.