Hung Yen modernises power grid operation, management hinh anh 1Hung Yen modernises power grid operation and management. (Photo: VNA)

Hung Yen (VNA) – The Hung Yen Power Company in the northern province of Hung Yen has strongly invested in upgrading its grid infrastructure and modernising its management and operation in order to ensure safe and stable power supply, towards meeting the demand in the 2021-2025 period. 

The 110 KV power grid system in the locality has been synchronously upgraded, with more than 17 km of 110KV transmission line and three transformation stations being constructed, and three 110KV transformers upgraded. 

Hung Yen modernises power grid operation, management hinh anh 2Illustrative image (Photo: EVN)

The power sector is developing 14 110 kV power grid projects, building and renovating hundreds of kilometers of medium and low voltage lines, and over 20 distribution substations with a total capacity of 69MVA. It also plans to install and put into operation 9,600kVAr medium voltage capacitors. 

A project to automate 17 circuits of the medium voltage power grid in Hung Yen has been completed. The firm has also paid attention to improving the quality of customer service, promoting the application of information technology, and modernising the metering system.

The percentage of electricity meters that collect remote data reached 70%, and 100% of domestic electricity purchase and sale contracts were digitalised. 

The rate of electricity service provision in the electronic mode tops 98%, while the online payment for electricity services stands at over 93%.

The company is conducting the update of data online through field application software, and provide electricity services by electronic method. Customer data in the field is synchronised to the customer information management system and vice versa, meeting the electricity service provision and internal business processes. 

It also promotes communication activities to encourage customers to use apps developed by the firm so that they can monitor their monthly electricity consumption, look up monthly bills and schedules for power cut, and make online bill payment./.