Hungarian artist shows love for Vietnam in paintings hinh anh 1West Lake Water Park painting was depicted from a corner of opposite building (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) - At an exhibition in Hanoi, Ory Anna-Maria sets up her paintings as an album of Ho Tay (West Lake) that can be turned by visitors.

Anna-Maria is a Hungarian artist. It is her third exhibition in Hanoi following others in 2006 and 2010.

The artist paints with acrylic and oil-on-canvas, expressing her love for Vietnam and Hanoi’s West Lake in particular. At the exhibition at Dong Phong Gallery at No 3 Ly Dao Thanh street, West Lake, she uses deep and low tones.

"I named the exhibition Ho Tay because I painted most of the paintings at the West Lake," said Maria. "I use techniques and select subject that mix the elements of East and West. I want to establish connections between the two cultures which nevertheless have a lot in common."

Living near the West Lake, the artist has fallen in love with the beauty of the area. It has taken her time to contemplate colourful scenery in Ho Tay which has changed over time. For her it is interesting to follow the changes, like watching a national geographic movie.

The only black and white painting at the exhibition is of flowers. "I want exhibition goers to change their emotions when they see my artworks. They are multi-coloured and sometimes monochromatic," said Maria.

The painter’s relationship with Vietnamese culture dates back to her childhood, when her parents shared their love for Vietnam with her.

As a student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, she met several Vietnamese artists who furthered her interest in the country, its people and art forms. 

She inherited the love of the Vietnamese culture as a family tradition. After her graduation at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2006, she had her first trip to Hanoi as an exhibitor.

In 2010 she participated at the Vietnam–Hungary contemporary fine art exhibition in Hanoi and HCM city. During 2016-17, Maria stayed in Vietnam and became familiar with the art and culture of the country.

She has had solo and group exhibitions in Italy, Belgum, Czech, Germany and Bulgaria. The West Lake exhibition will run until October 30.-VNA