If China persists in its illegal acts of aggression in the East Sea, it will become shunned and isolated, Chairwoman of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Council Nguyen Thi Tam said in an interview published in the English language news website VietnamNet on May 26.

*Do you think that the National Assembly should issue a resolution on the East Sea issue?

I don’t speak on behalf of other National Assembly deputies, but I think that in the current tense situation, we need to exercise restraint wisely but firmly. Whether there is a resolution or not depends on the developments of the situation. We will discuss it later.

Vietnamese have gone through many wars and we have extensive experience in the struggles for national independence and defending national sovereignty. However, in specific circumstances and conditions, we need to take appropriate action to both maintain national independence and keep peace. It is important that we contribute to peace and stability in the region.

*It is said that the Chinese people have not understood the historical problems in Vietnam-China relations as well as the current situation. Given that, what should we do, in your opinion?

We have experience in this issue. All of our struggles to protect our country are just, and through our advocacy we have made international friends, friends who understand and thereby support our struggle.

If we could do it in the past we can do it now. The Chinese and Vietnamese people have a tradition of friendship. If their propaganda is misleading, we must take measures to help Chinese people understand that China’s invasion is a violation of international law.

The Vietnamese media is a major communication channel to help make Chinese people know that Vietnam’s struggle to defend its sovereignty is legitimate, and to garner support for Vietnam in this struggle.

*What will the NA do to make Chinese people understand Vietnam’s just struggle?

The NA’s reactions and the recent press release on China’s illegal acts in Vietnam’s waters are actions that will help make the world understand Vietnam’s position.

I believe that with our movement, and the support of the international peace-loving community, China will have to re-consider its acts because their acts are contrary to the common wish of countries throughout the world.-VNA