There were 54 deaths from firecrackers between January 31 to February 8 – 11 times of last year's death toll over the Lunar New Year holiday, according to the health ministry.

There were also 11,440 accidents over Tet this year compared to 77 at the start of the Year of the Tiger.

The Government banned firecrackers in 1995.

Nguyen Van Nam, 18, from Hung Ha district in northern Thai Binh province lost his eyesight and one hand after a home-made firecracker he was holding exploded on February1. He was initially treated at Hanoi 's Hospital 103, where his mangled hand was amputated, before receiving further treatment at the Viet Duc Hospital and the National Eye Hospital .

Hanoi 's Hospital 103 treated 13 firecracker victims over the holiday period, compared to six cases last year, Doctor Hoang Cuong said.

Most of the accidents resulted from firecrackers being thrown at the victims, he added.

Meanwhile, the health ministry said there were no new outbreaks of infectious diseases over Tet./.