A symposium was held in Hanoi on August 27 to review the implementation of Ho Chi Minh’s testament over the last 45 years, highlighting its everlasting ideological, political and cultural significance.

Participants, including academics, highlighted the most important points in the testament, such as building a pure and strong ruling Party; implementing policies on social affairs, economic and cultural development; promoting human resources; and nurturing the next revolutionary generations.

The will also features the constant pursuit of the transition to socialism and the implementation of the renewal process. Furthermore, it notes the importance of strengthening international solidarity and utilising the strengths of the nation and era to contribute to global efforts to promote the world revolution.

Ta Ngoc Tan, Director of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, highlighted the important work and contributions of late President Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s liberation hero and a brilliant cultural activist, to the struggle against foreign invaders and the history of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

He further elaborated the value of the testament, which gave direction and encouragement to the Vietnamese people and army, who went on to win the glorious victory resulting in national reunification in 1975. It also has instructed how to advance to socialism and mapped out the next stage for Vietnam ’s revolution.

Speeches given during the event once again paid testament to Ho Chi Minh’s life, career, thoughts and morals, which continue to act as guiding principles for the entire Party, army and people to study and follow.-VNA