Mid-Autumn Festival Tale is a project of a cultural researcher named Trinh Bach to revive a part of Vietnamese tales based on 6 poems about the Vietnamese ancient Mid-Autumn tale, which includes 6 characters living on the moon appears in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The project both helps to recall many forgotten characters and reveals things that few people know. Few people know the character of Hang Nga (the moon fairy) is the wife of King Hau Nghe, who shot down 9 suns to save humanity from natural disasters. They might not know that Chu Cuoi (the moon man) once had a wife and Tho Ngoc (the Jade Rabbit) is a healer who knows how to cure people.

Likewise, Thiem Thu is a three-legged toad specialized in holding the moon and brings it closer to the earth to make the world brighter, while Trau Xanh (the Green Buffalo) is Hang Nga’s god buffalo, which every day follows Chu Cuoi to cultivate rice fields. This is a product of the To He Viet project which is founded by artisan Dang Van Hau in association with artist Nguyen Cam Anh, who designs and shapes the character in the Mid-Autumn Festival Tale project.

With Cam Anh's experience in illustrating fairy tales and the ingenuity and passion for the traditional crafts of artisan Dang Van Hau, the products in the collection have left many memorable marks in this year's Mid-Autumn Festival. Products are modified so that they can be played, displayed for many years without cracking or mold, and are warranted.

Besides Tich Trung Thu, To He Viet also has other noteworthy products such as the Cattle Set (6 types of cattle); the mini five fruit tray; the “phỗng đất” statue of artisan Phung Dinh Giap; paper toys for the man looking to the moon and the doctor; large and small lanterns and; mother pigs, piglets; images of Vietnamese men and women in traditional clothing; the fictional characters loved by children such as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Elsa.

Those tiny products appeal to not only children but also young and middle-aged.