Entertainers of HCM City's leading drama troupe, IDECAF, believe that both young and old alike can enjoy musical dramas created for children.

This season, they are introducing " Hoang Tu Gau Va Hat Dau Than " (Bear Prince and Magic Beans), featuring songs and colourful images.

Both parents and their kids have been captivated by the play's opening show at Ben Thanh Theatre last week. They screamed and laughed at dozens of skilled performers and singers.

Directed by Dinh Toan, the play is about Bear Prince and the magical adventures and obstacles he encounters in his life.

Despite the challenges that befall him, the prince continues to believe in love and offers help to others.
"We've worked under a lot of pressure so that we can produce a musical play for children and their parents as well," said up-and-coming theatre talent Dinh Toan.

"We spent a large sum of more than 300 million VND (over 14,000 USD) on making the play. Therefore, we should have no mistakes," added the 33-year-old.

During the play, young audiences are rapt with wonder while Toan's staff, including veteran actors Thanh Loc, My Duyen and Bach Long, display skills in music, dance, pantomime and circus tricks.

"I asked my parents to go to the play. I'm really excited by it," said Nguyen Gia Nghi, a third-grade student at the Vietnam-Australia International School.

Costume designers and specialists in sound and light have added a realistic element to the play through beautiful clothes, accessories and interior design suited to the play's theme.

The play is so popular that ticket buyers have had to stand in long lines at the box office.

IDECAF's art director Thanh Loc complained that the city had few shows for young audiences, particularly children.

The pioneer who is making new waves on stage said he wanted to inject life into the shows by adding attractive elements.

"A stage of performance is a channel of dreams and legends," he said.

Loc said he wanted to create on stage a world built on both traditional and modern styles.

"I want to make a perfect theatre for my young audiences when they enter a theatre to enjoy themselves and discover the world," he said.

"Hoang Tu Gau Va Hat Dau Than" is part of "Ngay Xua Ngay Xua" (Once Upon A Time), a theatre programme for children begun in 1997 by IDECAF.

The programme has attracted more than 30,000 people, including several thousand disadvantaged children who live in open houses and shelters around the city who have received free tickets.-VNA