'In the dream' promotes Vietnam-RoK relations hinh anh 1Oil-painting Duong dai by Nguyen Van Cuong.

Hanoi (VNA) - 'In the dream', an art exhibition by established artist Nguyen Van Cuong, is one of a series of cultural activities being held by the Republic of Korea (RoK) Cultural Centre.

It is being held towards enhancing the relationship between the Vietnamese and the Korean people, said Kim Heijin, the RoK Embassy’s cultural counsellor, at the opening ceremony. 

The exhibition is showcasing 39 paintings, which include the works he painted many years ago and the ones he just completed. The exhibition is being held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the relationship between Vietnam and South Korea.

"The relationship between the two countries can be seen as a dream, with outstanding achievements in many fields, including culture exchange," said the counsellor.

"Through culture, Vietnam and the Republic of Korea, which have a geographical distance become more close and a family alliance. The cultural centre not only introduces Korean culture to the Vietnamese, but also seeks opportunities to promote a bilateral cultural exchange between the two countries," he said.

Although Cuong was born in Hanoi, he is devoted towards capturing the Vietnamese countryside in his paintings. 

The paintings in “In the dream” comprise different drawing mediums, such as oil paintings, lacquer paintings, pastels, carved wood and poonah paper. Many of them express the artist’s mixed feelings and nostalgia towards the northern countryside of Vietnam. 

These romantic and dreamy scenes bring back childhood memories and express his desire to get away from the city life bound by narrow streets.

"It is the homeland of his heart and hopefully will be the homeland of the exhibition viewers," said Cuong about his 16th solo display. 

Bearing the same name as the exhibition title, the painting In the dream is 28cm by 38cm. Cuong painted the painting this year, which is one of his most favourite paintings at the exhibition.

Cuong took 20 years, from 1997 to 2017, to paint another pastel, entitled Trang xua (Moon in the past). The painting is sized at 60cm by 75cm. 

"The painting was nearly completed in 1997 but I felt it was not perfect," said Cuong. "Until this year, preparing for the exhibition at the RoK Cultural Centre, I remembered it and finished the painting with a small detail."

An oil painting entitled Duong dai (Long way,) sized at 40cm by 50cm, is one of a series, with the same theme that the artist has followed for nearly 30 years. The painting features a little girl and her buffalo turning their backs to the viewers. The characters look sad and don’t know where they going to, under the gloomy sky. 

Graduating from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 1989, Cuong is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. His artworks are on display at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and comprise many Vietnamese and foreign personal collections. He has had many solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam, the United States, the United Kingdom and Finland, as well as  Norway, Japan and others. 

The exhibition will run until December 18 at 49 Nguyen Du Street, Hanoi.-VNA