By the end of this year, Vietnam will need a workforce of 350,000 IT employees. However, to date the supply can meet only half of the requirement. Furthermore, the country’s supply of highly skilled and qualified IT personnel is seriously lagging behind demand.

Statistics showed that IT is the sector with the highest demand for personnel over the last three years. To meet the demand, more and more facilities providing IT training have been launched. Still, the deprivation of a high-quality IT workforce is worrisome.

In order to ensure the quality of training, many facilities have actively changed their approach, as well as incorporated well-researched training programs to meet the actual needs of the market. However, with the rapid change of technology and the lack of coordination between businesses and universities in training IT human resources, the question of ensuring the quality of students is still up in the air.

There are over 400 IT training facilities in the country, providing about 80,000 labourers annually. However, the sector faces a shortage of facilities providing artificial intelligence, network security, or virtual reality technology training. Furthermore, the foreign language capacity and IT soft skills of graduates are still inadequate. This poses major challenges for the IT industry./.