Among foreigners who set up altars to worship Vietnamese great leader President Ho Chi Minh, there is a special person, Prince Souphanouvong, the late President of Laos. This unprecedented admiration from one country’s leader to another may be unique to Laos and Vietnam.

There is an altar table to Ho Chi Minh standing in the Lao’s President Souphanouvong Memorial House. While alive, the Laos President set up the altar and kept the incense burning on big celebrations of Vietnam and Laos, such as their independence days.

According to NhotkeomanySouphanouvong, her father, also the first President of the Laos People's Democratic Republic - Souphanouvong, built the altar for President Ho Chi Minh as he wanted to pay tribute to the Vietnamese leader for his guidelines on national liberation and construction.

NhotkeomanySouphanouvong said President Ho Chi Minh was like their blood as he devoted his whole life for the cause of two countries’ national liberation.

Nhotkhammany Souphanouvong, the prince’s grandaughter, has also been prompted to continue offering incense to the altar to keep up their family’s routine.-VNA