Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited (ZEEL), India’s leading media group, has made inroads into the Indonesian market with the launch of the pay-TV Zee Bioskop Channel, which focuses on showing Indian Bollywood blockbuster movies.

The 24/7 Bioskop channel is relayed via the three Indonesian cable TV providers of Aora TV, Orange TV, and K-Vision, with the aim of attracting 1.5 million subscribers after one year of operation.

ZEEL Chairwoman Subhash Chandra asserted that ZEEL channels entertain over 700 million viewers around the world, adding that its overseas subscribers contributed 12 percent to the company’s total revenue last year.

With 34 domestic and 32 dedicated international channels, ZEEL possesses a varied series of 12,000 Bollywood movies. The number has been increasing thanks to India ’s annual additional production of 800-1,000 films.

Dubbed in Bahasa Indonesia, movies on the Bioskop Channel aim to bring romance and comedy to local families and youngsters.

The ZEEL chairwoman revealed that her enterprise also plans to launch the Veria Living Channel, a one-stop solution for Indonesian viewers seeking overall healthy living guidance, especially those on Yoga, right from their home.

She added that Indonesia , one of the potential entertainment markets, has seen fast pay-TV growth with 2.4 million subscribers in 2012 and an estimated 7 million by 2017.-VNA