The Indian Odissi Dance Troupe is giving free performances at some universities in Hanoi to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Vietnam and India and the 5th anniversary of their strategic partnership.

Classical dance in India evolved as an expression of devotion to the Higher Being. Odissi, one of the Indian classical dance forms, was nurtured in the famous shrines of the Orissa region.

The Odissi troupe, led by Aruna Mohanty, one of the finest Odissi dancers, comes from the Odissi Dance Academy, an institution engaged in teaching and promoting Odissi dance, music and related art forms.

Odissi dance has been predominantly performed by female dancers. However, the institution has made it a priority to produce talented and versatile male dancers in the field of Odissi. The artists have enthralled audiences throughout the world.

After the December 7 performance at University of Transport Technology, they will perform at the Vietnam Dance College this evening and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities tomorrow evening. VNA