Twenty-six artists from the Indian dance troupe of Odissi will perform in Hanoi on April 5 and in the northern city of Hai Phong on April 6, to honour the contributions of their native poet, writer and philosopher Ranbindranath Tagore’s family.

The artists will also stage a fashion show with the sari - a traditional costume of Tagore’s family and Indian women since the 19 th century, which took inspiration from design styles of many Indian regions and Western countries.

The multicolored performances accompanied by songs and poems by Tagore will be reminiscent of his family members, manifesting respect for their contributions to the women’s liberation cause and paving the way for the contemporary Indian fashion.

Tagore’s father designed school and casual costumes for girls while others experimented with design on many kinds of fabric, jewellery, party dresses and office uniforms.

Tagore and his brother mainly designed clothes for men.

The troupe will leave Vietnam on April 7./.