India’s newspaper “The New Age” has run an article highlighting socio-economic achievements Vietnam has recorded during its 25 years of Doi moi (renewal process) on the occasion of the 11th National Party Congress.

It confirmed Vietnam ’s achievements in boosting the socialist-oriented market, eradicating poverty and reducing unemployment.

In addition, Vietnam has made some remarkable achievements in industry and agriculture, with annual average economic growth standing at 7 percent.

In 2010 in particular, the country’s GDP reached 101.6 billion USD, increasing more than threefold in comparison to the past five years and per capita income rose to 1,168 USD per year.

Vietnam has also become the world’s second largest rice exporter, following Thailand , with six million tonnes of rice exported last year.

A number of socio-economic development goals for the next five to ten years given in the political report at the Party Congress was also referred to. The author said these goals showed the determination of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Vietnamese People in the socialist oriented national development strategy and achieving their goals of improving living conditions and the efficiency and the quality of development alongside combining economic growth with realisation of social progress and equality.

The article also reflected the interests of citizens in the Congress process and spoke highly of the Party’s self-criticising spirit while admitting its shortcomings and faults that affected the implementation of some development goals set by the 10 th national Party Congress./.