The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has allowed foreign investment in tourism sector to reach 100 percent share as long as the investor has a joint venture with a local partner.

"The foreign investment in the tourism sector is allowed to reach 100 percent with a condition that it has a joint venture with the locals, since we want share-knowledge and skills through that partnership," General Director of Tourism Destination Development Firmansyah Rahim, was quoted by the Indonesian News Agency Antara as saying.

Indonesia is rich with untouched tourism destinations that needed investors to develop its potentials, he said, noting that the ministry pushes investments through various programmes and incentives.

Besides through the governments programme, the tourism sector in Indonesia has also benefited from the trend of travelling and green life-style among the community.

"Hence we could develop both biodiversity and indigenous community as Eco-tourism destination," he clarified. According to the latest Japan Bank International Corporations (JBIC) survey, Indonesia is on the highest rank of global business investors perception within middle term or around the next three years.

The second rank is India (43.6 percent), followed by Thailand (38.5 percent), China (37.5), and Vietnam (30.3 percent).

In line with the survey result, the President Director of Tauzia Hotel Management Indonesia stated that Indonesia is the most prospective investment destination in the Asian-Pacific region for budget hotels.-VNA