Indonesia has been revealed as one the 10 key emerging markets for Dell, a US-based computer producer.

According to Dell Indonesia Director Saleh M.Munshi, Indonesia and Thailand are the only Southeast Asian countries in the top 10. Other Asian nations include China and India.

In 2014, Dell is still maintaining its focus on the commercial segment, which involves the sale of servers, storage, IT services and software.

According to Munshi, Indonesia is a potential market for his company as its annual economic growth is around 6 percent and 90 million Indonesians will enter the middle class – defined by an annual income surpassing 3,600 USD – by 2030.

Meanwhile, the International Data Corporation predicts that the country will spend 16.8 billion USD on information technology this year, of which 83 percent will be driven by the communication, financial, manufacturing and consumption sectors.

Dell Indonesia introduced at least 15 new models of personal computers in the local market last year.-VNA