Jakarta (VNA) – As Indonesia has imposed large-scale social distancing measures in the face of the COVID-19, local suppliers of auto parts are ramping up online sales which happen to be effective in the new circumstance.

Online sales have brought unprecedented revenue growth for these firms. Astra Auto Parts, a subsidy of Astra International and Indonesia’s largest auto part firm, reported that the number of its online purchases as well as online sales doubled in April and May.

Meanwhile, Carbatama, an engine lubricant manufacturer of the Exxon Mobil group, said since after the company launched its online shop in early April, its sales double in next three consecutive months.

According to the firm, though motor and automotive production was suspended in May due to the social distancing order, the demand for lubricant remained very high.

A survey by Mark Plus reveals that since the pandemic broke out in Indonesia, nearly 25 percent of local shoppers have made online purchases, compared to only 5 percent pre-COVID-19./.