Hospital workers (R) collect information from parents who believe their children may have received fake vaccines at a hospital in East Jakarta, Indonesia. (Source:

Jakarta (VNA) - Indonesia on July 18 began re-inoculating children who were injected with fake vaccines in a major drug counterfeiting scandal.

The country’s Ministry of Health said the first stage of re-inoculation will take place at four hospitals and clinics on the island of Java.

Present at a health clinic in Jakarta to witness the revaccination for 36 children, Indonesian President Joko Widodo vowed that the process will continue until all youngsters affected receive new shots.

Last month, Indonesian police smashed a criminal syndicate accused of selling fake vaccines in the last 13 years, including those for tuberculosis, hepatitis B and tetanus.

Twenty-three people have been arrested for alleged involvement in the scheme and vaccines have been confiscated from dozens of health centres across the country.

The scandal sparked panic and anger among Indonesian families, who last week rallied outside hospitals demanding answers about their children’s health.-VNA