Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia’s Directorate General of Customs & Excise (DJBC) and the China Customs have agreed to exchange electronic data of certificates of origin.

Director of International and Inter-Agency Customs under Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance Syarif Hidayat said that the IT technical trial in the exchange of electronic information between Indonesia and China has been conducted smoothly.

The two countries agreed to exchange three types of data, namely e-Form E data, Acknowledgment (ACK), and Feedback Information. Syarif revealed that the ASEAN-China free trade agreement SKA (Form E) can be submitted electronically by the issuing authorities in China to the customs office of entry through the Indonesia National Single Window (INSW) system.

To be given preferential tariffs, imported goods must meet the provisions of the origin of the goods which include Origin Criteria, Consignment Criteria, and Procedural Provision, added Syarif.

The Indonesian government hopes that with this policy, the country will maintain international trade, thus facilitating its economy, he said.

The implementation of the SKA data exchange is part of efforts to realise a memorandum of understanding between Indonesia and China on cooperation in electronic certificate of origin’s data, which will be effective on 15 October 2020./.