Indonesia continues sending housemaids abroad hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: therakyatpost)

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia has said it will continue sending domestic helpers overseas.

The country will not stop Indonesians going overseas to become domestic workers but will better protect them by negotiating with receiving countries, Soes Hindharno, Director for the protection and placement of Indonesian migrant workers abroad, told media on March 20.

Earlier, Indonesia said it would stop sending maids overseas from 2017.

The country has banned women from going to 21 Middle Eastern countries following a series of abuse cases since 2015. However, high demand for maids has encouraged traffickers to find ways around the curbs.

Thousands of Indonesian women travel to places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan (China) and Malaysia every year to become maids, attracted by promises of higher salaries – despite reports of widespread abuses and near slave-like living conditions.

Currently, more than two million Indonesian women are working as maids abroad.-VNA