Indonesia detains Malaysia’s suspicious ship hinh anh 1Customs officers examine bags of fertilizer, some of the 30 tonnes seized from a ship from Malaysia, at a customs office in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia September 22, 2016 (Photo: REUTERS)

Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – Authorities of Indonesia’s Bali Island held captive of a Malaysian ship carrying 30 tonnes of chemical fertilisers suspected to be used for creating bombs.

Balinese Customs and Police have interrogated the crew and suspected the linkage to terrorism. Indonesia is still on alert of terror attacks.

Indonesia’s Police Spokesman Hendra Suhartiyono said functional agencies are looking into the purpose of the ship, which heads to Sulawesi, where terrorist groups are very active.

He also added there is a possibility that Sulawesi’s terrorist groups utilise the chemical to create bombs.

In January, a bomb attack and gun firing occurred in the centre of Jakarta and took four lives. It is the first attack in many years in Indonesia, as the self-proclaimed Islamic State claimed responsibility.

In August, Balinese authorities have tightened security upon receiving information about an attack on this island.-VNA