The Indonesian government is working to develop wind power plants in an attempt to increase green energy sources while meeting the country’s rising demand for electricity.

According to Head of Indonesia’s Regional Body for Planning and Development (BAPPEDA) Bantul Tri Saktiyana, wind power stations with total generation capacity of 50 megawatts of electricity will be built in Bantul district, Yogyakarta.

The plan is a step in implementing Indonesia’s green energy development master plan, contributing to bolstering the country’s economy and green agriculture. The plan will help improve local economic and living conditions as well as boost the region’s tourism, he added.

The Indonesian government has designated a master plan to develop power stations with a combined generation capacity of 35,000 megawatts over the next five years in over 200 locations in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and other regions in eastern Indonesia with a total value of about 84.4 billion USD.

BAPPEDA data revealed that once completed, the power plants are expected to meet domestic electricity usage growth in 2019 and create jobs for about three million people.

Electricity shortages have caused negative impacts on the country’s economic development, particularly in the hotel and industrial sectors.-VNA