Indonesia haze pollution spreads to southern Philippines hinh anh 1Smoke from forest fires covers Palembang city in South Sumatra, Indonesia. (Source: AFP)

Haze pollution caused by forest fires in Indonesia has spread to the southern Philippines, obstructing traffic and forcing local residents to wear masks, according to Filipino authorities.

According to the Philippines’ aviation authorities, the degree of smoke and dust in Mindanao Island, which is 1,200km away from the forest fires in Indonesia, has worsened in the past week.

Since October 16, two flights have been cancelled and many other flights at the 10 airports on the island have been delayed, affecting thousands of passengers.

Haze pollution in Indonesia has affected a massive stretch of Southeast Asia, increasing the number of people experiencing respiratory problems, forcing schools to close and cancelling or delaying flights.

Many international events have also been cancelled.-VNA