Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Indonesia Suryo Bambang Sulisto believed that Indonesia has a huge potential to become a manufacturing and processing industrial base of ASEAN once the ASEAN Economic Community is realised by 2015.

The chairman made the remark at a seminar held on the sidelines of the Indonesia Banking Expo 2013 from May 21 to 25 in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta.

He, however, stressed that the realisation of the aforementioned potential depends much on whether the nation is able to set up the infrastructure, land and skilled human resources.

According to him, Indonesia has yet to systematically and consistently prepare its people and the Macro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises to compete in the ASEAN Economic Community.

Therefore, he called on the government and ministries and agencies of all levels to work out measures for the country’s macro, small and medium-sized enterprises to play and fulfil their roles in the ASEAN Economic Community.-VNA