Indonesia police foil bombing plots hinh anh 1Indonesian police investigate the twin suicide bombings scene in Jakarta in May (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA)Indonesian police on July 8 arrested a man for attempting to blow several public places in Bandung city, Central Java province

The man, named Agus Wiguna, 21 years old, was arrested after a home-made bomb exploded prematurely at his flat in Bandung.

The police also found a pressure-cooker with a bunch of nails and exploded pressure-cooker bombs.

During the investigation, they figured out that from June 1, Agus Wiguna had used information collected on the website of a militant group to make bombs himself.

Agus, who is allegedly linked with Islamic militant groups, confessed that he planned to detonate the bomb at Café Bali, a popular place for tourists in the city on July 16, said chief of Bandung police.

Agus also had plans to strike a restaurant and a church and he was not targeting Muslim, he added.

The incident took place in the context of rising concern about the Islamic State (IS) group attempting to set up its network in Southeast Asia. 

Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are coordinating to boost maritime patrol to preventing IS gunmen from entering the countries.-VNA