Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo said on January 27 that the country is in need of investments that could generate jobs and competitive products in the global market, and it will prioritise environmentally friendly projects to create enduring values.

As Indonesia possesses abundant natural resources, and has opportunities to develop industries such as processing and production, the nation should have a good response to the green economy – an evitable trend in the future which helps reduce environmental risks, and improve the efficiency of the use of natural resources.

According to the leader, green products and low-carbon emission economy will be the main resources for the country’s development.

Currently, Indonesia is joining the global value chain for the development of a green economy.

He noted that the COVID-19 has promoted the green and digital transitions of the global economy, holding developing green economy helps countries worldwide handle global warming, emission, land degradation, and drought.

Meanwhile, digitalisation makes it easier for local people to shop in the context of prolonged pandemic, he said, adding many people feel comfortable when shopping online and working from home./.