Scientists from the research and development agency of the Agriculture Ministry of Indonesia have successfully produced 10 new rice varieties which are capable of adapting to climate change.

At a press briefing in Jakarta on Mar. 8, the agency’s head B. Haryono said that climate change was currently causing unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, wet and dry, as well as pest attacks.
“Therefore, there is a need for rice plants that are resilient to drought, excessive water and attacks from planthopper pests,” Haryono said, adding that his agency had produced 10 new rice varieties to meet these needs.

He was quoted by the Jakarta Post as saying that although the impacts of climate change have only recently been felt, the 10 new rice varieties are the results of research that has been in progress for six to seven years.

Three of the new strains were named Inpara (water resilient), Inpago (drought resilient) and Inpari (pest resistant).

Including the 10 new special rice varieties, Haryono said that over the last five years the agency had produced a total of 31 new rice varieties. Since its establishment, the agency has produced more than 200 superior rice varieties./.