Indonesia is ranked 70th in the world in terms of food security, although it is endowed with abundant natural resources.

The remark was made by Drajat Sudrajat, an official from Indonesia’s Padjadjaran University (Unpad) at a recent seminar discussing the role of research institutes and universities in supporting the national food diversification program.

Sudrajat said the country has great potential to improve its food security thanks to its huge natural resources, skilled workers and growing market.

Indonesia needs to catch up with India, Vietnam and even Singapore, which now have good food security, he remarked.

Concurring with Drajats’s points, Chief of the Food Security Board under the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture Achmad Suryana said Indonesia has seen fast economic growth and possesses all the attributes to improve food security. Once the potential is managed properly, the country will be able to develop this to the same level as other countries, the chief said.

He also asserted that Indonesia is able to expand the production of local food commodities of sago, corn, cassava, sweet potato and sorghum to support the diversification of farm products.-VNA