Indonesia seizes 26 illegal fishing boats since January hinh anh 1A Malaysian fishing boat that has been seized by Indonesian authorities for illegal fishing was planted with explosives in preparation for its destruction in August 2015 (Photo: AFP/File)

Jakarta (VNA) –
Indonesia has seized 26 fishing boats allegedly operating illegally in the country’s waters since January 2018.

Nilanto Prabowo, Director General of Maritime Resources and Fisheries at the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, said 20 of the captured vessels were Indonesian ships, three from Vietnam, two from the Philippines and one from Malaysia.

The ministry also found nine fish aggregating devices (FADs) onboard the Philippine ships.

The use of FADs is regulated in the ministry’s Regulation No. 26/2014 on maintaining fishery resources, Nilanto said, adding that improper placing of FADs could disrupt fish migration routes and shipping.

Since Indonesia introduced its tough policy against illegal fishing in 2015, the country has sunk more than 300 fishing boats, including many foreign vessels.-VNA