The Chief of Staff of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), General Moeldoko, has aimed to meet 40-42 percent of the first stage of the Minimum Essential Force (MEF) plan this year.

Speaking to the media following the opening of the 2014 Defence Force Leaders’ Meeting in Jakarta , Indonesia on January 8, Moeldoko revealed the goal, which is considerably higher than the target of 28.7 percent set in 2013.

In the 2014 budget, the defence force will receive 86 trillion RP, 52 percent of which will be used for routine expenditures and 48 percent for improving the capability of the army.

Moeldoko said this year TNI will pay more attention to strengthening its intelligence systems and territorial security, particularly in border areas at sea and in the the air.

The Indonesian Defence Force Leaders’ Meeting began on January 8 and will last for five days. Participants will discuss national military strategic plans and evaluate their progress towards modernising their armies and reaching a minimum international standard by 2025./.