Indonesia sinks illegal fishing foreign vessels hinh anh 1 Indonesia sinks illegal fishing foreign vessels (Source: Reuters)
Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian authorities announced on August 17 that dozens of foreign fishing vessels captured fishing illegally in the country’s waters were sunk.

The move reflects part of President Joko Widodo’s endeavours to deter illegal fishing in Indonesia’s waters which caused a great economic loss to the island country.

The Ministry of Maritime Affair and Fisheries made it clear that 60 foreign vessels were sunk at eight different locations, aimed to reaffirm the country’s law compliance and strictness.

Indonesia is home to around 17,000 small and large islands and is pursuing a tough policy on illegal fishing in its waters.

After taking office in October 2014, President Widodo declared taking tough actions against illegal fishing and ordered functional agencies to apply harsh measures.

Statistics showed since 2014, Indonesia sank more than 170 foreign vessels found operating illegally in its waters.-VNA