Indonesian authorities have estimated that the country will start accepting foreign workers in large numbers by 2030 for lower-level labour markets that are no longer filled by domestic workers.

Sugiarto Sumas, head of Research Development and Information at the Ministry of Labour and Transmigration, said international organisations predicted that by 2030, the country will rank fifth to seventh among the best economies in the world. Therefore, there will be an insufficient number of local workers to fill all available positions.

He noted that by 2030, all Indonesians will have jobs and unemployment will no longer be prevalent.

Currently, the number of unemployed in Indonesia is still large, while the number of foreign workers is seeing a downward trend, taking up only certain positions.

Economic specialists consider this decrease to be related to the country’s economic growth and the government’s regulations on work permits.

Statistics show workers from China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, India and Malaysia are the biggest groups of foreign works in Indonesia.-VNA