Indonesia to conduct join patrol in marine border regions hinh anh 1Illustration. (Photo: ipdefenseforum)
Jakarta (VNA) - The Indonesian Coast Guard (Bakamla) will deploy 17 patrol ships to secure three border regions in the Malacca Straits, Singapore Straits, and North Kalimantan during the 2022 national joint patrol.

The joint patrol will involve 200 personnel of the Indonesian Navy, Marine and Air Police (Polairud), the Marine and Fisheries Resources Surveillance (PSDKP) of the Marine and Fisheries Affairs Ministry, Directorate General of Customs and Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard (KPLP).

A total of 17 ships comprising state-owned and war ships, will be deployed, Bakamla Chief Vice Admiral Aan Kurnia stated at the launch of the joint operation. Seven of the ships would be provided by Bakamla, while other institutions will supply two ships each, he noted.

The joint patrol will be conducted for two months and will end in mid-October, Kurnia remarked, adding that initially, it will be focused in the Malacca Straits, Singapore Straits, and North Kalimantan, aiming to suppress illegal activities in the waters, such as illegal fishing and human trafficking.

The joint patrolling is expected to bolster coordination among institutions to reduce criminal acts in the waters, he said./.