Indonesia will host the World Economic Forum on East Asia from April 19-21, as announced at an international press conference on April 16.

According to the organising board, over 700 delegates from over 40 countries including chief executive officers, foreign ministries and presidents of major world conglomerates will take part in the three-day event.

The event will focus on seeking opportunities to develop the regional economy and and designing solutions for global challenges through multi-faced cooperation and public-private partnerships.

Senior Director of the World Economic Forum in Asia-Pacific region Sushant Palakurthi Rao highlighted that the event is intended to link parties and form public-private partnerships in a bid to create the best possible outcomes for citizens.

That links are crucial in improving access to education, job opportunities and political representation to meet the rapid growth of the East Asia region’s economy, he added.

On the occasion, seminars and meetings on public-private partnerships in agriculture, trade and digital technology infrastructure will also be held.-VNA