Indonesia to install early tsunami warning system near Mount Krakatau hinh anh 1Anak Krakatau volcano (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Jakarta (VNA) - Indonesia plans to set up buoys and cable base tsunameters (CBT) near Mount Krakatau to give early warning if tidal waves occur.

The move came following the December 2018 tsunami triggered by the eruption of Anak Krakatau volcano, which emerged from the sea in the same location as the former Krakatau in 1928. The disaster left over 400 people dead, more than 14,000 others injured, and a massive damage along Sunda Strait.

The Indonesian agency for the assessment and application of technology (BPPT) will install a buoy and a CTB together in the waters near Mount Krakatau on April 10.

According to its head, the CBT is a cable with a censor placed on the sea floor to gauge the extreme change of pressure underwater which indicates a tsunami. The censor will send the data through a satellite to the receiver post onshore.

Two other buoys will also be installed along the west coast of Sumatra Island, waters off Bengkulu province, and along the south coast of Java Island, he added.

Indonesia, situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, is home to 127 active volcanoes.-VNA