Indonesia will revive the spirit of cooperation on the 60 th anniversary of the Asian-Africa Conference, said Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi on February 2 in Jakarta.

Marsudi emphasised that solidarity and partnership are needed for the sake of world unity.

Therefore, the spirit and the importance of the Asia-African cooperation must be reaffirmed, she added.

Meanwhile, Acting Director of Asia-Pacific-Africa Cooperation Ferdy Piay said the Asia-Africa conference will start on April 19 in Jakarta.

The summit meeting will be held on April 22-23 in Jakarta while the concluding session will be organised in Bandung city on April 24 with the participation of leaders from several Asian and African countries.

In April 1955, 29 Asian and African countries, most of them newly independent, participated in the first large-scale Asian-African Conference in Bandung, Indonesia.

The conference’s aims included the promotion of economic and cultural cooperation between the two continents, protection of self-determination, and a call for an end to colonialism.-VNA