Indonesia to spend nearly 6 bln USD on health transformation in 2023 hinh anh 1Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin - Illustrative image (Photo: PR Office of Cabinet Secretariat)
Jakarta (VNA) - Indonesia’s Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin said on August 17 that the ministry will set aside a budget of 88.5 trillion Rp (5.96 billion USD) for health transformation in 2023 from next year's overall health budget allocation of 169.8 trillion Rp.

"We have prepared for health transformation because we have learned from the previous crises. When a crisis occurs, it is the right time to implement reforms," he stated at a press conference on the Financial Note and the 2023 Draft State Budget.

According to the minister, 6.06 trillion Rp will be used for the transformation of primary services through public education, primary prevention, secondary prevention, as well as increasing the capacity and capability of primary services.

Moreover, 18.15 trillion Rp will be allotted for the transformation of referral services through improvement of access and quality of secondary and tertiary services, as well as 1.48 trillion Rp for that of the health security system to develop resilience of the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors and improve emergency response.

The minister added that 49 trillion Rp will be also allocated for the budget to support transformation of the medical financing system, aimed at prioritising availability, adequacy, and sustainability, fairness in allocation, and effective and efficient utilisation.

A budget of 4.18 trillion Rp used for the transformation of medical human resources will be utilised to increase student quotas, domestic and foreign scholarships, and facilitate the participation of domestic and foreign medical workers.

Furthermore, 540 billion Rp will be allocated for the transformation of medical technology that includes the development and utilisation of technology, digitalisation, and biotechnology.

Meanwhile, 9.04 trillion Rp will be for regular activities encompassing personnel expenditures, office operational expenditures, and expenditures for non-transformational main functions./.