Indonesia: Transjakarta makes record for serving one million passengers per day hinh anh 1Senior TransJakarta driver Mahmudi poses at a TransJakarta bus depot in Cawang, East Jakarta (Source: Jakarta Post)

Jakarta (VNA)
– Indonesia’s bus operator Transjakarta has made the city’s public transportation history for achieving its goal of serving one million passengers in a day.

According to Transjakarta spokeswoman Nadia Diposanjoyo, the bus system served 1,006,579 customers on February 4, up from an average of 987,583 people per day from the previous week.

She said the record was made thanks to the Jak Lingko Angkot (public minivan) service launched by the city, which was integrated with Transjakarta services.

Jak Lingko Angkot is serving averagely 257,981 passengers on a daily basis, she noted.

Transjakarta is focusing on developing an independent transportation programme. It has begun to implement way-finding systems and Tap On Bus payment devices in its non-bus rapid transit (non-BRT) fleet.

It operates two kinds of buses: the BRT fleet, which runs in a dedicated corridor and the non-BRT fleet running outside the special corridor.

The company has prepared a long-term corporate plan focusing on four main targets to be achieved in the next five to 10 years, which are increasing ridership, fleet services, infrastructure, and non-ticket revenue.

Jakarta won an honorable mention award from the Sustainable Award Committee (STA) in January for its efforts to sustainably develop transportation in the city. The award was given for Transjakarta’s increasing number of passengers, up 200 percent in less than 3 years./.