The Indonesian government will waive visa requirements for another 45 countries by the end of this year, ahead of schedule and bringing the total figure to 90, reported the Antara news agency.

According to the country’s Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, the policy is being expedited following the deregulation of assorted economic policies announced by the government last week.

The visa-exemption policy has helped increase the number of tourists from 5 to 25 percent, he added.

It is expected that the latest policy will help boost the tourism sector in Indonesia by attracting up to 20 million foreign tourists by 2019.

In June, Indonesia waived visa requirements for nationals from 30 countries , helping the country reach its goal of receiving 10 million foreign arrivals this year.

In 2014, Indonesia welcomed 9.4 million international tourists, up 7.2 percent compared to the previous year.-VNA