Indonesia works to preserve traditional dance hinh anh 1A performance show of Indonesia's Bedhayan traditional dance (Photo: VNA)

Jakarta (VNA) – The 2018 Bedhayan dance festival was recently held in Jakarta, Indonesia by the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs (Kemenko) and the Jaya Suprana School of Performing Arts, in a bid to preserve the traditional dance.

The festival, the first of its kind, drew the participation of 13 dance troupes across the country, including a delegation of deaf dancers from Bangdung. It was attended by representatives of embassies and international organisations in Indonesia

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dr Jaya Suprana stressed the significance of the Bedhayan dance, which has its origin in the Bedoyo dance, as a unique cultural heritage of Java islands.

The Bedoyo is a sacred dance of Java, Indonesia, considered as pusaka/heirloom and associated with the royal palaces of Surakarta and Yogyakarta. Along with the Serimpi Dance, the Bedhayan dance epitomized the elegant (halus) character of the royal court. They are performed by princesses or daughters of the ruling family.

The 2018 Bedhayan dance festival aims to foster Indonesia’s culture, said Kemenko cultural expert Ghafur Akbar Putran, adding that the event also honours women who contribute to traditional cultural preservation in Indonesia.-VNA