Indonesian poultry farmers anxious over price drop hinh anh 1A farm worker collects eggs from a chicken coop. (Jakarta Post/Ganug Nugroho Adi)

Jakarta (VNA) Indonesia’s poultry sector is stalling due to continuous falling of prices for the past 10 month.

In Yogyakarta, poultry farmers are giving away thousands of chickens free of charge to protest against the price drops.

Farmer in Yogyakarta said they have to sell their chickens for only 7,000 rupiah per kg, yet to be half of the government’s floor price of 18,000 rupiah per kg.

In response, the Indonesian government has told farmers to cull 68-week old chickens over a two-week period until July 9, the Agriculture Ministry said in a statement. The ministry is prepared to order more culling if prices do not rise.

Indonesia produced 3.6 million tonnes of chicken meat last year, but only consumed 3.1 million tonnes.-VNA