Indonesia’s ruling Democrat Party (DP) has elected President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as its Chairman, seeking his part in reviving its popularity before the 2014 general elections.

At an extraordinary Party Congress in Bali on March 30, Yudhoyono was chosen to succeed his predecessor Anas Urbaningrum, who resigned in February after being named a suspect in a high-profile corruption case involving building projects for the 26th Southeast Asian Games.

DP senior leader Amir Syamsuddin said Yudhoyono will serve two years at most as Chairman.

According to an independent public poll, over 70 percent of respondents said that they don’t want Yudhoyono to chair the party as it will distract him from his presidential duties.

In the latest move, Yudhoyono has appointed Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Minister Syariefuddin Hasan as the DP’s Executive Chairman.

He also named House of Representatives Speaker Marzuki Alie as Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Assembly - the Party’s highest organ.

Son of Yudhoyono, Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono is now DP General Secretary.-VNA