Indonesian president highlights challenges in Independence Day speech hinh anh 1Indonesia President Joko Widodo (Source:
Jakarta (VNA) – Poverty, unemployment and social inequality are the main challenges that Indonesia needs to tackle in order to accelerate its development, President Joko Widodo has stressed.

In his speech on August 16 on the occasion of Indonesia’s Independence Day, President Widodo said that all generations of Indonesian presidents have worked hard to overcome the three challenges, but the country will continue to struggle with them especially in the context of the ongoing global shifts.

Widodo said that his administration is currently focusing on implementing three measures to overcome the challenges: expediting infrastructure development, preparing productive capacity and human resources, and deregulation and bureaucracy elimination.

He vowed that the government would carry out legal and administrative reformation, reorganise budget management for development, partake in international politics, and maintain the country’s democracy, political stability and security. President Widodo also stressed a commitment to strongly counter terrorism and called on the public to put more effort into the work.

Regarding national sovereignty, he affirmed that his country actively participates in the finding of a peaceful solution to sea and island disputes in the region.-VNA