Indonesian rescuers use heavy excavators in Sulawesi mine collapse hinh anh 1In Sulawesi island, Indonesia (Source: AFP)
Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian rescuers on March 1 mobilised heavy excavators to the collapsed gold mine site in Sulawesi island as part of efforts to rapidly search for the estimated 30 trapped victims.

So far, at least eight people have been confirmed dead in the incident, which occurred on February 26.

Emergency teams had previously used only spades and their bare hands amidst fears of triggering another landslide.

As the terrain at the site is rough, the use of heavy vehicles may make the situation worse due to the risk of landslides, but after 3 days of the incident, with encouragement from the victims’ families, rescuers decided to use the vehicle as a hope to supply food and water to the buried victims who are believed to still be alive.

According to Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency, the casualties thus far have increased to eight, while nearly 20 victims have been rescued.

Mine accidents are frequent in Indonesia due to illegal exploitation activities. In December 2018, another similar case happened in Sulawesi, killing five people. Earlier in 2015 and 2016, two other accidents in Jambi and Java island also claimed the lives of 23 people.–VNA